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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Those Are Some Busy Elephants

All I can say is, "Finally!"  I am hoping this is a case of better late than never, but our fall seeds are finally in the ground.  My constant companion, the 4-year-old, and I went out on Wednesday and dug in.  Well, I dug in.  My boy did a minuscule amount of raking and then ran around chasing butterflies and "checking on the dogs."

Our six garden plots look like nothing so much as burial plots for 6 unfortunate elephants.  In fact, I said a little service for our dearly departed Merty, Gerty, Flirty, Berty, Lloyd, and Gus.  May they rest in peace.

Now we just have to add water, and hope that the elephants are keeping the babies warm and helping them sprout.

Here's what we are attempting to grow:

Carrot, Paris Market

Cabbage, Early Jersey Wkfld

Broccoli, Calabrese

Spinach, America

Chard, Five Color Silverbeet OG

Turnip, Purple Top White

Beet, Early Blood Turnip OG

Kale, Lacinato OG

If it all grows as planned, it will certainly be pretty!


  1. The Wonderful Auntie M.September 19, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    Ok - we get chard from our CSA and, other then toss it in a salad or with pasta, what the heck do you do with it?!

  2. I think it might be too beautiful to eat, but we will see. OK, I admit it. I have never cooked it before. But! I found out that you can blanch and freeze it. So we won't have to eat it all at once. If we get more than one head, that is.

  3. OK, Ms. M., I was going to send you links to a few delicious-looking chard recipes, but there are too many. Go to and look up chard. So many fun, vegetarian ideas!


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