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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Now sheep, sheep would be interesting.


What, you didn't know we were talking about livestock?  Try to keep up, people!

As I was saying, ahem, much as I would like a cow, sheep might be a better animal for us.  They are happy on a smaller plot of land (cows need about an acre each of edible pasture).  Sheep can eat almost any pasture and make great lawn mowers.  And they are multi-talented.

I knew about the wool, of course.  And I knew about the meat.

But did you know you can milk sheep?

I didn't!  And, frankly, the thought just seems a bit wrong.  So I did some research.  Apparently sheep's milk is a growing delicacy in America.  Admittedly, I find the idea of milking a sheep comical.  They are so fuzzy!   And so fearful.  But I am open to new experiences.

Check out this article at Mother Earth News.  It talks about the wonders of the small flock.

Sheep also seem pretty low-maintenance, and require less strident fencing.  From what I learned, the main issue with sheep is predators.  So fences are really to keep other animals (stray dogs, coyotes, bears, el chupacabra) out.

Low maintenance I can do.  No hoof cutting, horn debudding (or at least not always), and no high and tough fences.  Sheep aren't bright enough or brave enough to want to escape.

Unlike goats.

Tomorrow we will discuss goats.  Mark your calendars!


  1. Marked. I'll prepare my "Goats Talk"

  2. Very cool!

    Are you going to get some llamas? National Alpaca day was this past Sunday -- we went and saw / fed some alpacas at a local alpaca farm. I would *think* that sheep and alpacas can be friendly, but I don't know that for certain.

  3. Llamas spit. So, probably not.

    But I guess I should investigate before I say no, out of hand!


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