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Friday, September 24, 2010

Good, Bad and Ugly

Hi everyone.  Gloomy Jen, here.  Hope you are well.  Please don't start drinking early after reading today's post - wait at least until noon.

It is time to face some facts, and acknowledge some likely truths; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

THE GOOD:  I have seen evidence of everything I planted, except for the carrots.  So the garden is not an unmitigated failure.  However, only the turnips have come up in numbers above two (yes, two!), so definitely not a success.  Not yet.

It would be in keeping with the rest of this year if I harvested exactly two of each vegetable.  It really has been the year of major effort and minimal return.

THE BAD:  This garden is suffering.  Suffering, I tells ya!  For the most part, the heat is the major culprit.  95 degrees is abysmal for September!  I have tried to be good about watering, but it is hard to get motivated watering clay.  Luckily, the weather should break on Sunday.  I am holding out hope that once the heat breaks, the garden will take off.

I think I am also to blame for the suffering.  I think I may have planted the seeds too deeply.  Well, have you ever tried to plant minuscule dots a quarter inch under the ground?  It is difficult.  I was hopeful that they would persevere and push through, but that hope is fading.

THE UGLY:  Grasshoppers!  Stupid, lazy grasshoppers.  I have always been partial to the ants in the story, and now I am definitely on Team Ant!  Grasshoppers appear to be eating the spinach as it comes up.  So I will see a sprout, and then the next day it is gone!  Stoooopid grasshoppers.  They are on my list!

Of course, if I find out that the ants have made off with my missing seeds, the ants are going on the list, too.

To sum up:

Something is growing, if not much.

Grasshoppers suck.

Hope springs eternal.



  1. To show my support, I am officially putting grasshoppers on MY list too. And you know how serious that is!

  2. Thanks Heather! I will let the hoppers know they are in serious trouble, now!


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