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Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Substitutions

A word to the wise(r than me).  White sugar is not a substitution for confectioners sugar in baking.

Trust me. 

Now, I think this needs a caveat.  I normally make beautiful, smooth, delicious chocolate icing.  I swear.

The icing normally looks dark and delicious.  It does not look (and taste) crystallized and gritty.  Nor does it normally slide right off the cake.

Thank goodness that I am an amateur, so none of you can submit this to Cake Wrecks.

I think that is enough embarrassment for one day, don't you think?


  1. Not to make matters worse, but are you aware that confectioner's sugar is just more finely ground white sugar? A few seconds in your food processor or blender would have fixed you all up!

  2. I knew it! I was just telling my mom that I should have looked up how confectioners sugar is made, but didn't. Oh, well.

  3. But you do get kudos for even having made a cake!

  4. Darn it!

  5. Oh wow I could do a whole blog on my embarrassing baking disasters... perhaps this warrants a new category.


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