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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harvest and Plague

I forgot!  We harvested our garlic on Sunday.  A marginal harvest; most of the garlic grew larger, but only a few made full bulbs.  I am chalking it up to the iffy soil we still have, but that is a work in progress.

It should be enough to last.  For a little while.

Tragedy, though, was just discovered in the garden.  We have a major infestation!  OK, that may be a bit dramatic! 

Something is eating my potato plants!  But the confusing thing is that the beetles seem to be mostly dead (or comatose from gorging on my taters!).  I was able to flick them off, and they didn't get back up.

Anyone recognize these?  Better yet, anyone know how to prevent and destroy them?  This is war - I want my taters!


  1. I had these on my watermelons a couple of years ago. I thought they might be cucumber beetles, but don't know. Never came back. Kathy

  2. They are the dreaded potato bug! ... You have a few options for next year for dealing with them. (They're why your plants would have "suddenly" died.

    1. You can spray with a potato bug killer. They offer "organic" and non-organic options at farm stores.

    2. Hand pick off the bugs as soon as you see them and destroy them (you can shake into soapy water or squish them). You have to keep checking the plants regularly. I've heard if you keep up on it 100% at the beginning, they will eventually quit bothering you, but I haven't had such luck.

    3. Sprinkle powdered lime (not the fruit, but the mineral, you can buy a bag cheap at a farm store). You want to be careful to not make the ground too alkaline, so it's best used along with hand-picking.

    Also, if you can rotate your potato crop, that should help. Try not to plant tomatoes or other potato family members in that area, because the bugs can bother them a bit too.


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