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Monday, April 4, 2011

Project 12 - Egg Cozy

I forgot to post the latest project!  We lost internet for half the weekend and then I was ill, so those are my excuses and we will all just have to live with the consequences.

Ok, enough drama.  Project 12 comes directly from The Knitter's Year (page 29), though with a slight pattern change so that I could knit it in the round.  It is a silly little project that gave me a disproportionately large headache.  In honor of the Easter Bunny's imminent return, I give you the Egg Cozy.

Cute, isn't he?  

My husband said I should knit a second on so that each kid gets one.  I said (to myself) he should learn to knit if he has such great suggestions.  I was cranky.

I am a little concerned, though.  There is just something sinister in his look. 

Like he is organizing his minions.

I may knit another one, but this one actually hurt my hands a bit.  It is made from cotton yarn and knit on needles a size smaller than normal.  The combination means a lot of tension on the yarn and a lot of force to make it do its job.  Worth it, though, since he holds his shape so nicely.

Unless he is consipiring against me.  In which case,

you are on your own, dude.

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