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Friday, April 22, 2011

Invasion of the Seedlings!

Now with pictures!  My super-smart husband took a few minutes out of his busy morning to end the feud between the camera and the computer so that I can again have pictures on the blog!  And while I am completely sure that I caused the feud, he was kind enough not to ask.  Win!

So, check the post on last week's project if you want to actually see it!  And now on to today ...

I am so, very, super excited about this season's garden.  We have actual, honest-to-goodness growth outside.

 We have fennel that I rescued after it was accidentally (ahem) pulled up at the University garden.

 I am already planning where to stash all the onions (this is one of three beds with onions)

 and garlic when they are ready.  

 The potatoes have started sprouting 

 and the peas are reaching for their trellis!  

The strawberries are ripening!  (I am salivating.)  

And the carrots, spinach and lettuce are still trying hard to grow.

But what are really taking over are the seedlings inside the house.  Oh holy mama.  We can't reach the windows anymore.  Don't believe me?

We have three windows full of seedlings.

Two in the office.

And one in our master bathroom.   Nice, I know!

We can only fill three windows with seedlings because the rest of our windows that face South are shaded by our front porch.  Lovely for us, but not so great for growing plants.  And while this has been pretty successful for our first year starting seeds, next year we are making a rack with grow lights. Obviously, "we" equals "husband, in this case.  I want my windows back!


  1. They look great! What all are you growing inside?

  2. Michele, just remember you asked for this...

    6 kinds of tomatoes
    5 kinds of peppers
    4 kinds of cucumbers
    3 kinds of melons
    (I didn't realize this would count down so easily!)
    2 kinds of pumpkins
    Brussel Sprouts
    yellow squash
    and assorted herbs


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