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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week Five - TARDIS

This week's project clearly shows two things about me.  One, that my awesomeness cannot be matched.  And two, that I am clearly a geek.

For week five of this Year of Projects, I decided to knit a TARDIS.  Yes, folks, I knit a time machine!  How awesome is that?  (I am not listening to your answers.  I am just wallowing in my own awesomeness.  Google it, if you don't know what I am talking about.  Or just follow the link.  Your choice.)

I found a pattern for a TARDIS online, but decided that I really can't do knitting patterns.  Maybe that will be a project for later in the year.  In this case, the pattern called for me to knit 4 panels, a bottom and a top, which makes sense for a cube rectangular prism.  But I wanted to try to knit a cube rectangular prism in the round.  Yup, it made my brain hurt, too.

Now I know that my TARDIS does have some inaccuracies (wrong color blue, to start).  But since I am not a purist, and I knit the gosh-darned thing in the round, I am forgiving myself.

But I did it!  And it rocks!  And I rock.  And now I have a time machine; one that is not bigger on the inside, unfortunately.  And it definitely doesn't contain David Tennant. Sigh.

Hey, but at least I knit a cube rectangular prism.


  1. A perfect ornament for your Christmas tree!

    I say Brava, sister!

  2. Thank you, thank you. It is too big to be an ornament, I think. It is 5 inches tall!

  3. That is pretty cool. :-) A geeky squishy toy.


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