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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week Eight - Bag Dispenser

I gave up on the planned project for this week when I realized that I didn't read the instructions well and bought the wrong amount of fabric.  Typical.  I will keep the idea in reserve, for now.

Anyway, I took that fabric from the non-project turned it into something useful.

A Bag Dispenser!

I love it.  I always save my plastic bags and reuse them as much as possible, but I get really tired of the plastic bag tumbleweeds rolling across my kitchen.  Now I have this simple solution.  And it is huge, so it should take a while to fill up.  (I didn't mean for it to be so huge, but it is.)


  1. Very pretty!! I need to get one for my kitchen, too. I find that I need the one that I already have more upstairs than in the kitchen, though...holds the kitty litter baggies that we need to use so often. =)


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