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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things I Learned Today

Today we finally decided to break ground on our garden area.  We mapped out 9 beds, approximately 5 feet by 10 feet each.  I admit that we were both completely overwhelmed by the idea of turning the ground when it is so very compact and rocky.

However, we got down to business pretty quickly.  Here is what I learned during today's experiment:
1. If you are going to work outside, don't pick a day when it is going to reach 90'.  We had to stop at lunch, and only finished 3 beds. 

2. My husband is a lot stronger than I am.   

3. And is very good with large, outdoor machinery. 

4. Whereas I am not.  And have far less upper body strength than I think I do

(Yes, that us me being almost pulled over by the tiller.  I am not dancing!)

5. I am stubborn.  I eventually got the hang of it, though my husband had to go back over my work a few times because it was so uneven.  Huge surprise!

6. Working the ground with a tiller is that much better than hand tools.  Just look at this result!

7. Finally, when I am tired and stressed, I bake.  Anyone want a muffin?  We have 3 dozen.  Blueberry, orange, and lemon-raisin.

Regular blog posting will return tomorrow.  Look for a book review, or two (or three).  I have a lot to say.


    1. I think I finally figured out how to comment! That seemed way too difficult, but anyway...looks like a grand adventure.

      Love the hat and the blog. Yes, people are reading it!

    2. Woo hoo! Take back the land! I'd order some muffins but I think they'd be stale by the time they got here ;)

    3. I would love to have your muffin recipes, if you're willing to share. They look so yummy! :)

    4. Hey Heather, the muffins are from the Fannie Farmer cookbook. If the library doesn't have it, I will email you the recipe. I always increase the sugar by 2 tablespoons, though. They are just better a little sweeter.


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