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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Stuff You Need Out Here

It is a slogan for a chain of farm stores, but "the stuff you need out here" really is an enlightening thought.  When I lived in the suburbs, I thought it was just a clever way to convince people to buy stuff they didn't need.  Now I am a convert.

When we were house-hunting in early summer we had a hard time deciding between this house and another, newer house.  The other house had less property, but was brand new, and had a happy feel.  This house had almost double the acreage but had known great sadness.  We finally decided the acreage made a big difference, and felt we could bring happiness to it again.  The already existent, hard-wired generator was just an afterthought.

Funny how the afterthoughts become the essentials.  Apparently even heavy fog can knock out our power, as it did this morning.  But not to worry.  Our wonderful generator really is the stuff we need out here.  We just had a moment of darkness and then with and almighty WOOSH the power was back on and the generator was saving our morning.

I am grateful to the previous owners for having the forethought to put in it.  At least that is one major headache we have been able to avoid.

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