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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 16 - Nook Keeper

My husband received a Nook for his recent birthday, but it didn't come with a case.  So I thought I would come to the rescue and sew one fore him.  Clearly, I was overconfident after the quilt.

I found a cute pattern on Moda Bake Shop, and amended it to suit his tastes.

It is a really simple design.  Basically, it is a padded pocket with a front flap.  Very simple.  Even I couldn't mess that up.  Right?

Unfortunately, I could.  And did.  Doesn't the Nook look so cute tucked in like that?  Too bad it doesn't fit in the pocket!!  So frustrating!  It is a minuscule amount too wide.  A teensy, tiny bit.  And I can't fix it!

So, lessons learned:
  • I don't know how to sew with batting.  Major issues with bunching and thread tension.
  • Next time, cut the fabric wider than needed. - clearly I cannot sew a 1/8 seam to save my life.
  • Binding is still terribly difficult! 
Guess what I am making tomorrow night!  Round two of the Nook Keeper.  Now, I am going to bed.

Update 5/4/11: I was able to fix it by pulling off the binding and sewing it on again in the right spot.  A good thing, too, since I didn't have enough fabric to do it again!  It'll do.


  1. An alternative would be to use the grinder to shave a little bit off of the Nook itself. That wouldn't void the warranty too badly would it?

  2. I'll run that by the man - I am sure he will love that idea. You can give it the gov't stamp of approval, right?

  3. Hi, Jenn, Colleen G. here! I so admire your creativity, and your ability to stick with it, no matter what! I wish you luck on future projects, and keep the pics a-comin'!


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