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Friday, March 4, 2011

Starting Seeds

I started seeds for our garden this week.  This will be an ongoing process as seeds need to be started at different times, relative to the last frost.  I am not sure I knew that before this year.  Because I really, really, desperately want this year's garden to be a success, I made sure to read every seed packet I have.  That was a lot of reading!  (45 packets, or so.)  Then I organized all the packets based on when I need to start them indoors or straight in the ground.

You would not believe how much better I felt after this bit of organization.

This week I started all the peppers and one packet of rosemary.

I made tags to go with each, too.

I managed to find plain starter greenhouses for the seeds.  It took forever to find them at the home improvement store, even with 3 people helping.  But we got it done, and I am sure we can reuse these next year, too, so it was a good investment.

Add a little seed starter soil to give them an added boost, and off we go.

Now last year I complained about how I can never seem to get seeds in the right depth.  This time, I aimed for perfection.  So I actually measured 1/4 inch on a toothpick and marked it with a pen.  The toothpick made the perfect digger for the tiny seed holes.  

I think I have done all I can to make sure these seeds sprout.  They are now in a warm-ish place (nowhere in this house is warm), and I can tell but the condensation that there is some residual heat in their little greenhouse.

Next week, tomatoes and melons go in another starter greenhouse!


  1. What exactly is a "chocolate bell"? (did I see that right?) Or "tequilla 'something'? Btw, you did notice you won the book in the Allison Pang blog, right? "- )
    My daughter is an avid gardener also. I'm going to have to sign up for your blog!

  2. Let's see, I got all my seeds from, which has great descriptions. A chocolate bell, unfortunately, tastes nothing like chocolate. It is a sweet bell that gets brown when it is ripe. I admit, it looked cool.

    The tequila sunrise, which is an awesome name, is a lot like a banana pepper, sweet and crunchy.

    And I did see that I won! How cool. I emailed - I hope the email went through. I didn't get a confirmation.


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