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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week Two - Curtains

It is the second week of 2011, and I am right on track on my 52 Projects in 52 Weeks resolution.  This is probably my most favorite New Year's Resolution ever, hands down.  I made the standard lose weight, go to the gym-type resolutions, too, but I love the new projects.  I feel like I have a definitive creative outlet, and a firm timeline to keep me on track.

Anyway, on to the project.  Well, some back story, first.  When we were trying to sell our house in Indiana, our Realtor suggested that I purchase some fabric to make a quick swag for the windows in our bedroom.  I did, and it looked good (and the house got an offer), but I always wanted to do more with the fabric, once we moved.  So I carefully packed the fabric and made sure that it got loaded on the truck.  Or so I thought.

Flash forward six months and I had completely given up hope on finding the fabric.  Every box has been unloaded, and I had ransacked the house at least three times looking for it.  As sometimes happens, it seemed that the minute I had truly given up, I found the fabric tucked away in a bag, in a closet.  I was so excited that I screeched and danced around.  And I instantly knew what my project would be this week.  I would make curtains!

I am not a great seamstress, and I have never tackled a project like this before.  However, my Mother-in-Law gave me a fabulous new sewing machine for Christmas and I felt confident that I could do a good job, if I was really careful.

First I read every instruction for the sewing machine - and I faced up to the fact that I was probably the problem with my old machine.  Not the machine.

Then I found a pattern on a great website called Sew 4 Home (thanks Michele!), and they were comprehensive and easy to follow.  I was able to line the curtains and create the rod pocket, all with a minimum of headache.  All in about 6 hours of frequently interrupted work, spread over two days.  Yay!

My only complaint about the project was unavoidable.  I just don't have a workspace large enough for a project this big.  I made due at the kitchen table, but my measuring apparently suffered from the lack of space.  (One curtain is 1.5 inches shorter than the other.  Shhh.  Don't tell.)

Overall, I am so very happy.  The curtains are lined, pressed, and as perfect as I could make them.  And I finally have my fabric exactly where I want it: where I can see it.


  1. I got a shout out on your blog! Woot! And they look great, Jen!

  2. Thanks, Michele! I really, really like the curtains (though they do need to be ironed, again!), and I love the new sewing machine.

  3. I love the material you used for the curtains!

  4. Good job, Jen! Sewing machines are great, and some sewing projects can be fun using logical creativity!!

  5. Thanks, Mrs. G! This project makes me so happy - a real feeling of accomplishment.


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