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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week One - Wrist Warmers

Week one in my 52 Weeks of Projects is here and I am right on schedule!  (Hooray!)

Since the book I was going to use as a guide has not arrived yet, I designed and knitted something I have been wanting for a while:

Wrist warmers!

I am always cold.  ALWAYS.  And since I cannot afford to run the heat until it brings the house up to 75', and since our heat pump couldn't handle that anyway, I need to warm myself without making my family crazy.

So I made wrist warmers.  This project was great because I finally learned how to make a thumb hole (and did a dandy job first time out of the box - yay me!), so now I can make more of these, and also transition right into mittens.  

This project also allowed me to use some yarn I had been saving for years, waiting for the right project.  I love how the wool transitions from gray to purple to green.  Very Jen.  My only complaint is that the patterns on the two wrist warmers did not match up.  I thought I was doing great when both the cuffs were gray, but then the manufacturers did a switcharoo and tied a green string to a purple and completely messed me up.  I could have pulled it out, but I didn't want to waste yarn.  Well, live and learn.

So now I can have warm, stylish hands, but usable fingers.

(This picture and the first one were taken by the almost-5-year-old.  He's pretty good!)


  1. I like!! would love to get the pattern and try them out also if you are willing. Maybe next year you will be selling your own knitting book. You could try to make up your own 52 projects this year and then get published??!!

  2. Neato, Jen - congrats on your shop!

  3. Darcie, I can send you the directions.

    Gab, that is a kinda-secret, since I haven't listed anything yet. But thanks. After you and I talked about it, I decided to go with it. We will see what happens, but I have been having fun planning.

  4. Sorry if I let the cat out of the bag, but when I saw that you added the etsy widget here, I guess I figured it wasn't so secret. HA!

  5. This is so awesome. I'm glad Gab let the cat out, that cat is also awesome. Yes. 2011 you are my friend.

  6. It is a wily cat and could not be contained (especially when I play with widgets). The shop will likely go live today or tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement! I am excited.


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