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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jen Sews!

(I didn't forget about the blog, I swear.  Life has just been a crazy mess lately and there hasn't been anything homesteady to write about.)

My oldest has to have surgery next week.  It isn't a major issue, and the problem shouldn't recur, but life on the homestead is definitely shaken up and turned around this month.  And since hospital bills are going to be a major blow to our tiny budget, we are tightening our belts.  Which somehow lead me to a new project this afternoon.

My son has a very special stuffed dog that he loves and depends on.  Doggie is going to the hospital with us next week, and I thought it might make my son feel better if Doggie was also in a hospital gown.  However, a certain company that makes clothes for these types of toys is on the pricey side. So, in the spirit of our new lifestyle, I decided to sew it myself!

Caveat: I am not the world's best seamstress. 

I started with an old, unused pillowcase and cut out a basic pattern.  I even measured Doggie first!  I hemmed the edges before joining the pieces.

Then I matched up the edges to be joined.

Then I sewed it all together and added the ribbons to tie it in the back.  The ribbons were by far the hardest part.  But the finished product looked pretty good!

Until I tried to put it on the dog!  Remember when I proudly said that I measured the dog?  Well, I guess I didn't allow for the hemming!  (Remember my caveat?  I tell the truth!)

So the sleeves are a little tight on old Doggie, but it otherwise fits.  And it was free!

And look at that happy face!  I hope this will make surgery a little easier for my little man.


My idiotic sewing machine decided to break (again) when I tried to make a matching surgical mask.  It is something to do with the bobbin tension, I know that much.  I just had the machine cleaned and adjusted before we moved, so I think it is at the end of its rope.  I know I am at the end of mine, and I don't think using it is good for my blood pressure anymore!  Would someone call Santa and request a new one for me?  Maybe one of these?  ('k thanks)

PPS, I have no clue what is up with the spacing on this post, but I am giving up trying to fix it.  Please pardon the huge amounts of white space.  I blame my sewing machine.


  1. Looks like Doggie should be selling tickets to the "Gun Show". Building a terrarium for those 24 inch pythons. Etc etc.

    Best of health to the little man.

  2. You would not believe how long it took me to get those jokes. I must be tired!


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