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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project 15 - Woven Quilt

I am very proud of this week's project (well, really it spanned 2 weeks.)  I finally bit the bullet and made my first attempt at quilting!

I followed a very simple pattern, using 1 jelly roll (apparently fabric can be sold in special cuttings that all sound like food!)  I just wove the strips in and out and then sewed up the seams.  It is all machine-quilted - I didn't want to do the handwork.

Unfortunately, that shows at the binding, where the front and back did not line up.  Embarrassing, but I am not about to pull it all out.  Live and learn

Just the same, I had fun and I love it.  Now, the original pattern was for a rug, but I cannot imaging putting that much effort into something and letting it get muddy.  My quilt is not padded and is heavy.  I think it would work will in the middle of our kitchen table, so that is where it is going to live.  Bunnies and all.


  1. I love it, Jen! I have a handy-dandy tool that makes doing the binding so much easier. What fabric line did you use?

  2. Thanks, Michele. I was anxious to see what you thought. It is a Moda fabric (on sale) - Wee Woodland by Keiki.

    I used the binding with a Jelly Roll instructions on the Moda Bake Shop - just got sloppy (tired).

  3. I have a few FQs of that fabric line, and I think it is adorable. Binding is one of hardest parts of the did a GREAT job on your first try!

  4. Thanks, Michele. I definitely found that out last night! I am happy with how it turned out - not sure if I will completely catch the quilting bug, but I am not afraid of the basics!


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