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Monday, December 27, 2010

Homestead Christmas

Happy Christmas, Everyone.  We had a nice time hunkered down here while the snow fell.

The boys put on their party hats (and buckets, and knight's helmets).

We made paper chains.

And counted down the days until we could share presents.

On Christmas morning, the boys opened their stockings.

And reveled in despicable presentry.  Or something that makes sense.  They got loot.

And loved it.

And ate sweets.  (And got very, very sticky.)

And then, like most families, we had an epic battle.

Between the forces of good, and evil.

(Or storm troopers and dragons.  You choose.)

The battle was terrible. 

Until reinforcements arrived.

And then victory was both very sticky,

and very sweet.

And then we all took naps to celebrate.

More blogging soon!

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