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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homestead Envy

It has been a somewhat rocky year for us, but nothing catastrophic (thank heaven).  I guess I feel like the struggle has been a little harder, a little sneakier, a little more complicated than in past years.  Everyone has years like this, especially when you undertake a big life change.  Moving to Virginia, to the country is a big life change.  I sometimes forget that.

I have big dreams for our little plot of land, but they are long-term dreams.  To be honest, though, in my head they are now-now-now dreams.  Instant gratification, instant productivity, instant reward.  Reality is a bit of a let down (just ask the first teenager you see after reading this!).

After realizing a rather major budgeting mistake that is going to set us back a ways (I am not a math wizard, it turns out), I have been seeking inspiration.  But, true to form, what I have ended up with is homestead envy!

Check out this amazing family who turned 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles into a productive homestead.  Path To Freedom  Serious envy, but their site has room for some serious enlightenment, too.  See, they did the work, continue to do the work.  They don't just sit around and mope (like I might have been doing lately).

So I am going to continue to walk my own personal Path to Freedom, do the work, and visualize the reward.  And I am going to keep some perspective.

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  1. Path to Freedom is AWESOME.

    They are just :)

    You'll get there eventually, one thing at a time!


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