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Monday, October 4, 2010

It's not ironic, but...

What is the word that people mean when they misuse ironic?  (Alanis Morrisette, I am talking to you!)  You know, when the mildly irritating, less-than-positive, almost opposite of what you wanted stuff keeps happening and you feel like you should laugh?  Even if it isn't exactly funny?

My vocabulary fails me.

Well, whatever that word is, that is how I am trying to view the garden at this point.  I think the garden gods are laughing at me, or at least enjoying my discomfort.  Perhaps they are trying to teach me a lesson about assuming that I could just move to the country and jump straight in.  You be the judge.

As you know, I have been beginning to despair about the garden being at all productive.  Then the weather shifted, and things started looking up. 

We have some carrots poking through!  Even after the lady at the garden shop said "nobody" grows carrots around here.

And I have witnessed a broccoli, if only one

But I have been most excited about cabbage.

We have not one, but three visible cabbage plants coming up.  I started to get excited.  I started to dream about crocks of sauerkraut fermenting.

And then the dogs got out of the house and came to find me.

Kind of an amazing shot, don't you think.  Jake's foot misses the many square feet of unproductive ground and hits one of the only three cabbage I have.  Amazing.  Or divine intervention to knock me down a peg.

 It may survive; I found it clinging to the edge of the hole.  I am choosing to hope.

And I have seen deer prints through the kale patch, and a distinct lack of kale.

"It's a little bit ironic, dotcha think?"  Well, no, but since I can't remember the correct word, that will have to do.

To change the subject

Just for kicks.  (heh heh.  Kicks.  Punny.)  I learned that even having dedicated sneakers for the garden was messy. 

So I bought some wellies.

Stylish, dontcha think?


  1. paradoxical?

    awesome boots!

    speaking of fellow macgregor easson elementary alum alanis, i noted to a coworker who used the phrase 'friends with benefits' in a paper about urban parking policy that that phrase entered the vox populi through one of her songs.

  2. Hmm. Paradoxical would work, but I think it lacks the exact flavor I meant.

    But way to lay on the major vocabulary words! My English-Major brain hurts. I am so not playing scrabble with you.

    Two things about what you said. 1) a formal paper with the phrase "friends with benefits" doesn't fit the government standards I am familiar with. But might make for a more interesting read. I can't imaging how it was used in context.

    2) I think I learned that phrase in high school. Long before I ever heard an Alanis song. But I can't be sure.

  3. Don't feel bad about the took Lucy and Lola all of 5 minutes before breaking through the temporary fence to keep them out of my newly (yesterday) seeded lawn and leaving a trail of puppy prints all through it before taking an early morning dip in the mud hold from a leaking sprinkler head. Shoulda put sod in.

  4. The doggies were so darn cute, it was hard to be mad. They just wanted to see what all the excitement was about! I am trying to enjoy the non-irony.

    And it really does look like the cabbage plan is going to give it a go.


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