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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Best

You know what I like about not being employed? Yes, spending time with the kids, the dogs, etc.  Becoming a domestic goddess.  Of course.  Getting to know my new community, going to the gym. Yes yes yes.  No.

What I love about not being employed are naps

I love sleeping.  I have wonderful, vivid, lucid dreams.  I love feeling all warm and snuggled in.  I love that little frisson of worry that I will oversleep and forget to do something important.  It hasn't happened yet, so it is still a delicious tension.  I love knowing that grown-ups shouldn't take naps.

I especially love sneaky, Lying Naps.  Unintended pun aside, lying naps are the ones you don't mean to take - at least if anyone asked.  The "I will just close my eyes and pretend to nap until the child falls asleep" kinds of naps.  Nevermind that he is all hyped-up on peanut butter and jelly and hasn't napped in months.  This time you can convince youreself that he really will go right to sleep if you just rest your eyes for a minute (in his twin bed, under his Transformers comforter.) 

Later you can just say, "wow, I guess I really needed a rest!" 

The Lying Naps are the best.

Transformers TransGear Twin Comforter

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